The City Council

Anonymous asked: Animatronics versus the hooded figures.

The ultimate battle that will span centuries 

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so i was scrollin along on the internet, minding my own business when


okay wtf they can’t be serious


they’re serious

cecil palmer’s favorite store

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Anonymous asked: I would like to report a wheat and wheat by-product dealer. It is me and you'll never catch me alive.

Okay then. You will die eventually, whether it be by old age, a freak accident, falling off a ladder while you try to clean out your clogged gutters, bears, or by a secret government agency none of us are allowed to talk about. Once that happens, then we will apprehend you. 

We’ll wait.

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Thank you Carlos you’re so helpful.

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I cleaned up Kevin and made Cecil look more like Cecil Baldwin. 

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I just started listening to Welcome to Night Vale and it is so freaky I love it

{oh my god i feel so happy right now. this is the post. i can’t believe this. I made this post like A YEAR ago… 

then i remember that two weeks after this post i made THIS blog. 

so much can change in a year.}

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Anonymous asked: I would take all of you so where do you wanna go?

Oh, anywhere is fine. The Moonlight All Nite Diner, out back of the Ralph’s, in the middle of the sand wastes, or the local strip mall as a few choices. 

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Anonymous asked: How do you go to the bathroom

As omniscient corporeal beings we have no need to use bathrooms. This message is hilarious. 

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forever-prospit-dreamers asked: My best friend is pregnant with a fox-human hybrid. I think I know who fucked the fox.

We REALLY hate this town. 

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Anonymous asked: *Twirls hair around finger* Soooo, are any of you single?

It depends if you are willing to take all 35 of us on a date. If so, then yes. If not, then no. 

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